Columbia County leaders to vote on Hardy McManus Road proposal

New Subdivision Entrance A Concern for Those Living Off Hardy McManus Road
New Subdivision Entrance A Concern for Those Living Off Hardy McManus Road

EVANS, Ga. (WJBF) – The Columbia County Commission is set to make a final decision on the proposed subdivision entrance on Hardy McManus Road. Developers are asking for a zoning change to allow construction on a new neighborhood called River Oaks, but those living nearby say the road’s already too busy.

Southeastern Development Company is three votes away from building 160 more homes on Hardy McManus. Leaders of the nearby Hardy Pointe Home Owners Association say more than 400 houses use a single entrance to Hardy McManus and adding another subdivision nearby would only make matters worse. County leaders say the 150 thousand dollars needed to build a stop light would not be worth the investment. Locals are now hoping for more lanes or to move the entrance to another part of Hardy McManus.

“We need more infrastructure. We need either a turn lane or we need kind of the suicide lane in the middle or actually expand Hardy McManus out to four lanes and by doing that you’ll allow entrances to accept the flow of traffic in a safer way,” said Michele Goddette, President of the Hardy Pointe Homeowners Association.

Columbia County leaders will vote on the proposal at the Commission meeting Tuesday night. However, they are expected to table it for discussion at a later date to collect more traffic data.

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