Columbia County Residents Voice Concerns at Commission Meeting

Evans, Ga. (WJBF)- The Columbia County Commission meeting was filled with residents from the Jones Creek neighborhood and those in the Stratford community.

Residents that live in the Stratford community attended tonight’s meeting awaiting a decision from commissioners on whether or not to approve new Housing Development that would ultimately add more traffic to an already congested Hardy McManus Road.

The Commissioners decided to table the agenda item after the developer requested to withdraw his application after being told a traffic study would have to be completed before Commissioners could vote. Kimberly Wintrich a Stratford resident says it’s not the decision she’s upset about it’s the date.

“That date happens to coincide with our HOA annual board meeting where we vote in our board member panels for HOA Stratford which is one of the biggest communities being affected by thee hardy McManus construction.” Wintrich said.

“We have other meetings we have to be at so it’s hard to come to meetings like this every two weeks and I think the builder is taking advantage of that fact.” Wintrich added.

Another major concern for residents is coming out of the Jones Creek neighborhood where homeowners on Willow Lake say flooding from the lake onto their properties has worsened. Over 200 Jones Creek residents attended tonight’s meeting asking for Commissioners to take a stand.

“It’s going to impact every single homeowner in jones creek and none of us want to see our property values go down and none of us want to be in a position if we’re ever trying to sell our home that we can’t sell our home.” said Susan Carrigan.

Susan and her Husband Michael moved into their home on Willow Lake five years ago and they say every year since they’ve lived on the property due to heavy rains the lake behind their home has flooded leaving silt and debris in their backyards.

Although they were not officially on the commissions agenda they did submit a request to speak however commissioners were unable to give comment at this time.

As for the residents traveling on Hardy McManus road they hope to reschedule their Homeowners association meeting to be in attendance to hear the proposed changes during the next county commission meeting on September 20th.





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