Golden Apple: Jessica Shuff

Jessica Shuff has taught pre k and kindergarten and now she leads these first graders at Bayvale Elementary.  There’s a logical reason she chose this stage in school for her career.

“I’m short so I can’t teach kids taller than me,” she says.

She has a great sense of humor, that’s for sure. Ms. Shuff keeps the kids engaged and energized throughout the day.

“It wasn’t alway fun for me in school. I know math in particular wasn’t fun for me. I never had good teachers that taught me what numbers really were. I just was taught, you have to do this and follow this formula. I really struggled with Math.

Now she turns Math struggles into Math swishes–a basketball game is all it takes–all of a sudden they’re adding, subtracting and doing fractions while having a ball.

“I remember the fun things in education.”

She’s so successful in here because she stays on the job when she’s not in this building.

“I spend a lot of my own time doing work at time. It’s a lot to do. It’s not meant for everyone,” she says. “I love the kids and that’s why I do this.”


So what does the future hold? For these students and their teacher-the sky’s the limit thanks to the lessons they’re all learning here at Bayvale.

“I could see myself teaching other educators and having them inspire future children.”

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