Segment 3: Growing Peanut Butter 9.6.16

JENNIE Show Episode 4

A peek at Joseph Barnhart's documentary, Growing Peanut Butter.

Television Park–  Did you know that Georgia produces about 50% of the country’s peanut crop? A local filmmaker has detailed the production of peanuts and peanut butter in a documentary called Growing Peanut Butter.

Joseph Barnhart is from Burke County, Georgia. His project takes the viewer through a brief history of the peanut plant from ancient to modern times.

Growing up on a farm, and having an avid interest in technology, led Joseph to his interest in film making and documenting processes that many of us take for granted.

His first public showing of Growing Peanut Butter is Tuesday, September 6th.  It’s at the Burke County Public Library at 7:00pm.

You can learn more about AG Farm films and Growing Peanut Butter on Facebook.

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