Columbia county election officials push voter registration efforts

Augusta, Ga. (WJBF)-

Rachel Hennigan just turned 18 and with her drivers license in hand and her mother by her side she is registering to vote for the first time. She said she wasn’t aware of how to register or where to go so she asked her mother for help.

“Whoever you vote for should be who you believe not who people tell you that you should believe in and I want our country to get better.” Hennigan said.

With 55 days left until this year’s Presidential election Columbia County elections staff wants to make sure that everyone has the opportunity to register to vote

Nancy Gay Board of Elections director says they have on track with the number of registered voters this year.

“Our registration numbers are really good but the problem is people wait until the last day on election day to confirm and to find out if they’re registered and where they’re supposed to go vote.” Gay said.

October 11th is the deadline to register to vote and this year they are making the process easier than ever before .

“They can come by here they can call us, they can go online to either the county’s website or to the my voter page the secretary of state has set up.” Gay added.

To make it even more convenient voters will be able to use their cell phones to register by texting G-A to the number 2Vote. But getting voters registered is the least of her worries she says her concern is getting voters to the polls.

“We make it accessible we make it possible we make it convenient as possible I think its up to the parties and the candidates to energize the citizens to actually go vote.” Gay said.

Absentee ballots will begin going out to voters starting next week and in person early voting will begin on October 17th.

“I don’t care how you vote I honestly don’t I just want you to vote that’s all because that’s what our country is built on that’s our foundation it is important.” Gay concluded.

Below is a link to the my voter page where you can register to vote if you haven’t already.



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