Commissioner Marion Williams sees support to be paid for serving on Planning board

Augusta, Georgia Seal graphic
Augusta, Georgia Seal graphic

AUGUSTA,Ga (WJBF) Marion Williams says he wants the money for serving on the planning board, no matter how it looks.

“I don’t care what it appears like I mean if I work on a job if I do something if I’m, supposed to get paid or you should get paid I think I should have that,” said Williams.

What Williams thinks he should have is payment for serving on the Planning commission, after his fellow commissioners appointed him as the ex-officio member.

Back in 2011 commission ex-officio members on the planning commission actually did get paid but the commission reorganized the planning department and the practice stopped.

“No one can tell me who ordered it stopped they told me they had a reorganization and they took one member off and that was the ex-officio members,” said Williams.

For more than a year Williams call to be paid hasn’t seen a lot of support from the other commissioners but now his complaints are finding an audience.

“History on the board has shown that elected officials who served were paid so yes he should be paid,” said Commissioner Dennis Williams.

“They were paid previously in the past there’s no explanation on why they’re not being paid now should get paid,” said Commissioner Bill Fennoy.

So how much should Williams be paid, after he was told he was not getting a check he stopped attending the Planning Commission meetings.

“I didn’t stop going they stopped paying,” said Williams.

“You said you stopped going to.”

“I stopped going because they stopped paying it’s not like I stopped the meetings you can twist this all you want to but you can’t twist this more than what it really is,” said Williams.

Now the Planning Commission by-laws state the ex-officio member   can’t vote on items, and does not count for a quorum.

However a commission appointee who gets paid but misses three consecutive meetings without excuse can be recommended by the Planning commission to be removed and replaced by the Augusta commission.

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