South Augusta subcommittee wants to hear from private developers

Augusta Georgia Seal
Augusta Georgia Seal

AUGUSTA,Ga (WJBF) Augusta leaders are trying to find the best way to bring new businesses to south Augusta.

Back in June  commissioners approved  a subcommittee to study if a new development authority just for south Augusta should be created.

But first–the group wants to hear from  already formed  economic development  groups, and   top  private  developers, to see what   the city  can do to spur growth in the area.

” The question is actually what will they say I don’t know if they will say we have to be partners or what that’s why we have to bring them to the table one of the things we don’t do a lot  of times is actually talk this is actually starting a good conservation.” said State Senator Harold Jones, who is Chairman of the subcommittee.,

Will this be instead of a south Augusta Economic Development Authority?

“No it’s still part of the same conversation this is bring all parties to the table and hearing what everyone has to say,” added Jones.


The plan is for the subcommittee to be ready to make its recommendation by the end of the year.

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