Commission to decide if fellow member gets another check

Augusta Georgia Seal
Augusta Georgia Seal

AUGUSTA,Ga (WJBF) Augusta commissioners could decide next week if Commissioner Marion Williams will be able to cash in.

Williams has been saying he should be paid for serving as the Ex-Officio member on the Planning commission.

In the past the Ex-Officio member on the Planning commission -was- paid the same 150 dollars a month as the other members.

But that stopped after the department was reorganized in 2011.

Commissioners will have to determine why was the practice stopped?

And is Williams entitled to the extra check?

“We need to see what was set up as members of that board and the ex-officio and why there is now a change in that one position we need to be consistent and if there isn’t any documentation to show there was a change in the ex-officio position getting paid then we need to make a decision and put that in a policy if that position is going to be paid or not,” says Commissioner Mary Davis, who made the motion Tuesday to send  the issue to the full commission without recommendation.

Williams was appointed by the Augusta Commission to be the Ex-Officio member of the Planning Commission in January of last year.

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