“Out There…Somewhere”: No clowning, there’s scary and then there’s scary

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – The Williams family did not expect to hear about something like this.

“Never and I hope I never heard it again,” said J.D. Williams.

It seems their neighbor’s 14 Pythons got out and were loose. That’s pretty scary.

“I’m afraid of them I don’t think they should be in the neighborhood, “said Betty Williams.

“I’m going to stay on the inside snake are not I don’t do snakes,” said Dionne Williams, visiting from Atlanta.

There are snakes in Georgia sure. But this neighbor didn’t need to import any more.

“Ranking scale of things to be afraid of, where do snakes rank?

“One or two,” said D.J Williams.

“Number one,” said Better Williams.

Snakes are number one?

“Snakes are number one,” she said.

Snakes on the loose in the neighborhood, truly terrifying, does rank right up there on our fear factor but you think there’s something scarier than that? Well, maybe.

Clowns, in the past month or so, have really been creeping people out.

How bad? Well clowns this year might be even too scary for Halloween.

“They could be but I doubt it I think everybody might be right back into clowns they always are,” said Joyce Hyer at the Halloween Express store in North Augusta.

So what would you rather have in your neighborhood, missing pythons or some berserk bozo?

“What is scarier, snakes or clowns?”

“Clowns,” said Better Williams.

So Woodlake subdivision has Pythons at large, and that’s okay?

“You’re saying we take the pythons but clowns stay away?”

“Stay away clowns,” said Betty.

That can’t make these clowns happy.

Out there somewhere in Augusta, George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel 6

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