Columbia county commissioners approve housing development along hardy McManus road

Evans, Ga. (WJBF)- Columbia County homeowners are not giving up the fight against a proposed rezoning of a new subdivision along Hardy McManus road.

Because of growth in the area traffic along the road has caused major safety concerns for residents. Stratford homeowner Stacey Lewis spoke at tonight’s meeting to voice her concerns about safety concerns along the road.

“Yes it’s still a challenge getting out of the neighborhood at peak hours and still safety concerns doing so we just do that very carefully and understand that it can be a very risky intersection.“ Lewis said.

Columbia County Commissioners requested that a traffic study be conducted before they could approve additional development. The results indicated that if improvements were made such as adding additional turning lanes it would improve traffic and safety conditions on the road.

Southeastern Developer Matt Mills says they budgeted for a turning lane exiting the subdivision directly across from the Stratford subdivision.

“We had actually proposed to do those lanes and we will definitely put in those turn lanes when we move forward with the development.”

Mills says the plan is set to break ground over the next six months, a time frame that Lewis says she hopes the commission will take into consideration.

“Nothing will change in how we’re entering and exiting over the next several months and we likely will see the development come we just want to make sure that our commissioners are hearing our concerns about getting ahead of the growth for the road and I think that they did.” Lewis added.

Due to those concerns Mills made a request to withdraw the application for rezoning. Commissioners asked for two entrances and exits to the proposed subdivision but mills said it was financially unfeasible at this time.

“We’re still going to work with them to see if we can come to terms in a way to live up to some of those conditions at the same time the properties already zoned it can be developed and so our intentions is to move forward.” Mills said.

The meeting concluded with commissioners making a motion to approve his request to withdraw his application. Any further plans to revisit his request would have to presented to the planning committee for review.

“I think everybody is frustrated with the traffic concerns here I can’t blame them for showing up this is a good forum for them to speak on their concerns in regards to traffic I think they’ll be a little concerned with traffic getting worse but hopefully the improvements that we make will make it better long term.” Mills said,



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