Columbia County non-profit helping house homeless teens so they can continue education

School Report graphic

COLUMBIA COUNTY, Ga. – Whether it’s a rough relationship with parents, a death in the family or something else, there are many reasons a teen can end up homeless.

Now, one non-profit in Columbia County is working on a way to house homeless high school seniors so they can have a roof over their heads and graduate.

It’s the Host Homes for Columbia County Youth Program.

It’s through Columbia County Community Connections and the Columbia County homeless coalition.

After doing some research and grant searching, Executive Director, Julie Miller, came up with the program.

Participants rent a room for the students as they continue to work towards graduation.

Families and students would go through a screening process to find the perfect match and parents would also receive a small stipend.

“It’s a stable environment, it’s a safe place, they have a place where they can do their homework. They have a supportive individual or family.”

Besides a screening, throughout the program, counselors will be checking in with families and students to make sure things are going well inside the home.

Miller says two homes are already interested and the goal is to have ten by the end of the school year.

If you’re interested, you can call Columbia County Community Connections at 706-650-5010.

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