Commission drops mayor from signature forms

Augusta Georgia Seal
Augusta Georgia Seal

Augusta leaders say the Mayor Davis is  no longer  needed to sign on the dotted line.

Commissioners voting to remove the mayors signature block from a recent  city policy requiring city lawyers to get commission approval before drafting any proposed ordinances.

Supporters say since the mayor’s signature is not needed once something gets commission approval, and the signature line will be dropped from  future policy items  as well.

“Probably all policy moving forward probably remove his signature on because it’s not really needed so all it really does is slow down the process,” says Commissioner Ben Hasan.

“What about the optics it looks like you’re trying to erase the Mayor?

“Well historically it’s not been there,” said Hasan.

The mayor had refused to sign the  new policy commissioners  approved saying not allowing city lawyers to draft proposed ordinances was  censorship and a hindrance to the legislative process.

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