Fort Gordon General says city should look at attractiveness and quality of life

Fort Gordon graphic
Fort Gordon graphic

AUGUSTA,Ga (WJBF) Fort Gordon’s new General thinks Augusta could benefit from making a good impression.

Major General John Morrison and his staff sitting down for a lunch meeting with Augusta city  leaders.

General Morrison said half of the new jobs from  the Cyber Command will be civilians, who could  work anywhere.

So the General said  an attractive community  with a focus on quality of life could be  be helpful for Augusta.

A message city leaders are taking to heart.

” I think without question it requires us to take a different approach to our neighborhoods what were doing from a community development and in some cases redevelopment prospective I think we’re fully poised to be able to do that so today’s meeting was let’s get acquainted  lets talk about how we can be stronger partners moving forward,” said Mayor Hardie Davis.

Now hosting a catered dinner for the General and his staff or any one for that matter,  in a city conference room is -unusual- for Augusta  leaders.

But Mayor Davis said it was important to set the right tone for the meeting.

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