Golden Apple: Tracey Hampson

Welcome to Tracey Hampson’s 7th grade language arts class, where kids get to go on all kinds of adventures.

“Language Arts kind of always spoke to me because I like the journeys you can go on in novels with students,” Hampson says.

Mrs. Hampson’s love of Language Arts started with a former teacher’s love for her.

“I had a teacher who took me under her wing. I came from a broken home, my parents were divorced.  My mom struggled. I had one teacher who sought me out and encouraged me when I needed the encouragement.”

The impact from that teacher-student bond has shaped Mrs. Hampson’s daily approach to her job.

“My focus and my goal is to connect with my students and build a relationship.  I feel like if I build a relationship with them and let them know that I care about them and their education, they will do anything for me.”

She brings her lessons to life, like the current novel they’re reading, “Liddy”.

“It’s a story about a girl that works in a mill. I try to tie in things in our local environment, such as the mills in Augusta,” she says.” “We take a field trip down there and they see the connection.  They speak to family members who worked in mills and it brings the book to life.”

Congratulations Tracey Hampson–raising 3 children of her own and being an extra parent to her great students at Greenbrier Middle.

“I’ve always said to myself that I’m going to be a teacher and a mom.  A lot of the kids call me m and m, their middle school mom.  I have children who are their age. You need to extend grace when it’s needed and give them encouragement when they’re having a rough day.”

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