Richmond County officers respond to gas shortage in the CSRA

Augusta, Ga. (WJBF)-

The Richmond County Sheriff’s Office has several hundred vehicles out patrolling the streets every day including investigators, court services and jail transportation.

Major Steven Strickland says the gas shortage here in Augusta isn’t getting in the way of officers ability to get the job done.

“We have not had a problem keeping our cars fueled and ready to go.” Strickland said.

“Just like most of us Richmond county Police rely heavily on local gas stations in the area. He says currently the issue is more about a delayed delivery rather than an actual shortage of fuel.

“When we knew that the fuel would still be delivered it just wouldn’t be maybe at the same rate as it was before we just reminded our guys obviously to conserve when applicable as always we want to be good stewards of the resources that the county gives us.” Strickland said.

Although he says they haven’t been directly affected by the gas shortage he says if they ever needed gas they would reserve it as a precaution.

“We started making initial arrangements with several of the retailers and say hey look if we come to you can you please save us a little bit back in the event that things  get to be at an emergency state.”

Local store owner Ahmed Fouigah whose station was completely out of gas said he would gladly help officers in need.

“If we have it at the moment when they call us we would definitely save it for them because we know how important their job is so if they do call me I would definitely save it for them.” Fouigah said.

The Augusta Fire department’s fire engines and trucks, including the brush truck for wild fires, are not adversely affected by the fuel shortage since they use Diesel.





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