Richmond county deputies take neighborhood canvas approach to solving murder investigation


Augusta, Ga. (WJBF)- Investigators with the Richmond County Sheriff’s office went door to door speaking to residents and passing out flyers seeking information that could lead to an arrest of the suspect in the Lawaun Flournoy murder case. Flournoy was murdered on August 27th on the 1000 block of Dugas St.

Jerrod Riley who knew Flournoy says he likes what the Sheriff’s office is doing and hopes that more people would speak up and help them solve the case.

“its not a bad thing to help the police it’s a good thing maybe we can help solve crimes and maybe we can get the police on our side things would be different in our neighborhood.” Riley said.

Lt. Allan Rollins says neighborhood canvasing is so important and he hopes it will bridge the gap between officers and the community.

“Once we go talk to them we knock on the door we tell them why we’re here we show them a flyer we remind them of who the person was, we remind them of what happened in their neighborhood they can come up and say well I don’t remember anything except for this one car that was going down the street and I didn’t believe it belonged here that’s an important piece of information to us.” Rollins said.

He says any piece of information helps and even if residents don’t feel comfortable sharing their name when giving information they can remain anonymous.

“It’s a homicide and we take in account the fact that it hasn’t been solved yet and we like to solve all of them. We hate them when they occur and as i’ve said many times before one is too many but one unsolved one is that’s just an affront to us we have to find out who did this.

Anyone with information on the case is asked to contact the Richmond County Sheriff’s office at (706) 821-1020. All information can be handled confidentially.

The case # is 2016-363279


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