VIDEO: Dog reunited with owner days after dog’s brother hit by a car

Luna: Photo courtesy KABC-TV
Luna: Photo courtesy KABC-TV

(KABC) – A story of a missing dog concluded with a happy ending when Luna was reunited with her owner Dave.

Luna had been missing for four days after her canine brother was struck by a car during a walk. The dog only suffered minor injuries, but in the commotion, Luna slipped out of her collar and ran away.

Luna was eventually found under a car on a busy street. Rescuers from Hope for Paws placed a fence and netting around the car so that Luna would not run onto the street.

The rescuers were able to gain Luna’s trust and retrieve her from under the car. Through a pet microchip, Hope for Paws was able to find Luna’s owner.

According to Hope for Paws, one in three pets will get lost in their lifetime, and 90 percent of pets without tags or microchips will not return home.

After being treated at the vet for minor injuries, Luna was reunited with Dave. Luna was unable to contain her excitement as the two shared hugs and kisses.

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