The Faces of Ovarian Cancer

The Means Report: The Faces Of Ovarian Cancer
The Means Report: The Faces Of Ovarian Cancer
The Means Report: The Faces Of Ovarian Cancer
The Means Report: The Faces Of Ovarian Cancer

Augusta, GA — September is a time when a spotlight is placed on ovarian cancer. Typically that means that we invite a specialist in the field to our set to discuss the signs, symptoms, and what can be done to help save lives. This year, though, we wanted to do something different. We wanted to share a personal story of ovarian cancer and chose to do that with a familiar face.

Ana Christina Bowers is the host of The Dish on WJBF NewsChannel 6, and she has a personal connection with ovarian cancer. Twelve years ago, when Ana was only 18-years-old — she lost her mother to the disease. That loss did more than impact her family; it impacted who she is as a person. Ana made it her mission to become a voice for her mother.

Five years ago, Ana was crowned Miss Texas USA, and she used that platform to not only share her mother’s story but to create a charity event in her honor, which raised approximately $65,000 for ovarian cancer research. It was also through the connections formed as Miss Texas USA that Ana met Kristina Anderson, another woman on a mission.

At the age of 25, Kristina was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. What makes Kristina’s story unique is that she vied for the title of Miss Arizona while battling to save her life. Now, battling the disease once more, Kristina is still working to raise awareness through her non-profit campaign “Save Her Life”. “Save Her Life” was created to be a resource for cancer patients and their loved ones, but also to raise awareness.

Ana is passionate about shedding light on a disease often described as the “silent killer”, and she encourages woman to trust themselves to know their own bodies. Listen to Ana’s impactful words and then take a moment to visit to learn about Kristina’s mission. You can also purchase T-shirts and jewelry on the site with all proceeds going to raise awareness. There is even a shirt designed by Ana that pays tribute to her mother.


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