Segment 3: Dr. Renee Page answers your questions about menopause

JENNIE Show Episode 7

Dr. Renee Page tackles serious and hilarious questions from viewers.

AUGUSTA, Ga. —  Ahead on Jennie:  Answers to your questions, like this one:  “Do hormones protect against aging and wrinkles or increase my sex drive?  Dr. Page takes on our viewers’ email, after the break.

All month we’ve invited viewers to submit questions for the doctor.  Here are several of them, representing the most common concerns about menopause.

#1  (Denise F.)  Since my periods stopped my desire for sex has decreased. Is this normal?

#2  (Amy A.)  My period stopped in January, I had night sweats for several weeks but then it stopped. Do I need to take hormones? I really don’t feel any differently.

#3  (Ellen C.)  I don’t have a period anymore but I get bad cramps, like there is a lot of pressure in the pelvic floor. Do I need to see my doctor or is the “new” normal?

#4  (Janie M.)  I am currently taking premarin to keep me from menopause systems.  I have tried to get off it once for a couple to three months and the menopause symptoms were so bad I decided to start take my premarin again.  Is there something else I can take or do if I try again that will help with the symptoms.

#5  (Patti D.)  Are so-called “bio-identical hormones” safer or more effective than other forms of hormone therapy for menopause?

#6  (Betsy M.)  Do hormones protect against aging and wrinkles or increase my sex drive?

#7  (Marcia F.) I get very frustrated because I forget what I want to say, or can’t find the right word. Ever since menopause started I feel less smart, maybe the brain fog.

Watch the clip to get the answers!  You can also find a lot of information at

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