Hurricane Matthew expectations and forecast

(WJBF) – The 5 p.m. update on Major Hurricane Matthew is out, and the forecast cone of uncertainty has shifted significantly to the west with max winds of 140 mph.

This means that we will need to closely monitor Matthew as it could potentially pass dangerously close to the CSRA this weekend.

The National Hurricane Center said there is still too much uncertainty to determine if Matthew will directly impact Florida.

14468335_10154112391049200_5750895082900440272_oThe eye of the hurricane is expected to pass to the east of Jamaica, then cross over or come very close to the southwestern tip of Haiti late Monday or early Tuesday.

Meteorologists say as much as 40 inches of rain could fall on some isolated areas of Haiti.

It is expected to weaken to a Category 2 storm as it moves away from the Bahamas on Thursday.

On Sept. 30, Matthew surged to a Category 5 storm. That made it the first Category 5 storm in the Atlantic since 2007.

Fortunately, the storm is still 5 days out, and a lot can change.

Nevertheless, we will be watching this storm closely, and you can count on us for regular updates as more information becomes available.


And as always you can stay up to date on local weather with out Live VIPIR 6 Radar HERE

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