Williams pay request divides commission

Augusta, Georgia Seal graphic
Augusta, Georgia Seal graphic

AUGUSTA,Ga (WJBF) Marion Williams was appointed ex-officio member to the planning commission In January of last year but stopped attending the meetings when he found out he wasn’t being paid and Williams says that needs to change.

I went to several meetings and I stopped going because they wasn’t paying me I think anybody who serves their time should be compensated,” said Williams.

Williams argues that the planning commission stopped paying the ex-officio member after the department was restructured in 2011 but there was no commission action where stopping the payment was approved.

“If there was a change it should have been a policy change but there wasn’t so there is kind of an argument that was a standard practice personally I don’t think anybody should be paid but there’s the argument that was the standard practice,” said Commissioner Mary Davis.

But other commissioners say the restructuring the Planning Department was approved.

“We can look at the rules but I understand the whole thing was revamped and this wasn’t included so look at the process of elimination it was eliminated,” said Commissioner Bill Lockett.

“I haven’t had that discussion yet I’ll have it on the floor there was another appointee while he was off the commission he didn’t ask to be paid nor did he bring up the discussion so it seems the ship has already sailed,” said Commissioner Sean Frantom.

But not to Commissioner Williams.

If I fight for others I’m certainly going to fight for myself right is right that’s all I’m claiming,” said Williams.

Commissioners put off the an up or down vote again in order to get more information from the administrators office on Ex-officio members and whether the commission took any action to  regarding the payment to  the planning commission members.

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