Hurricane Matthew evacuees stopping at Georgia Welcome Center

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Heading west on I-20, Hurricane Matthew evacuees are getting a sign of relief just before Georgia’s Welcome Center.

“We went in. I’m glad we came across this. This is a really nice stopping point. You can’t beat it,” Brittany Gregg said.

Gregg lives in Summerville, South Carolina, which is near Charleston.

She and her family left their home Thursday morning and are heading to a hotel in Atlanta.

“We haven’t been through a hurricane before. We’re from the West Coast so we didn’t want to wait and see what a category 2 looks like,” she said.

Gregg says she’s mostly worried about trees falling on her house. To keep her mind off the storm, she’s using this time off as a mini vacation.

“Yeah. I think we’re going to do the aquarium with the kids,” Gregg said.

A lot of people are using the welcome center to walk their dogs.

Inside, the TVs are tuned to the weather and staff members are helping out guests with any hurricane information they need.

Rick Divelbiss and his large group stopped by the welcome center after vacationing in Myrtle Beach.

“We were supposed to be there from Saturday to Saturday. We had to leave her Thursday. At noon we had to be evacuated out of the house and turn the keys in,” he said.

Divelbiss and his vacation friends couldn’t get a flight home to Colorado, so they rented cars to drive to Atlanta.

He says the traffic wasn’t too bad on his way to Georgia.

All of them are hoping their favorite vacation spot won’t get damaged by Matthew.

“We’ll definitely go back and see how it affects. Of course, I was out here last month when we had the other little hurricane. They had the Myrtle Beach World Amateurs. We played in that. Came out with two other friends. We left one day early. Same situation,” he said.

Local officials are urging people to be patient and use caution as they drive because there will be a lot more cars on the roads.

Of course, there will be more state troopers on the roads as well, so you’ll want to drive safely and slowly.

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