Buddy Check 6 – University Hospitals ‘2016 Miracle Mile Walk’

Miracle Mile Walk -
University Hospital Miracle Mile Walk

Augusta, GA – As 1 in 8 women and even some men, will be diagnosed with breast cancer, University Hospital’s Miracle Mile Walk helps to raise money to fight the disease and awareness.
Money raised during this 3 mile walk stays right here in the CSRA. The friendships made along with fund raising efforts, make a difference in hundreds of lives.

Its the annual walk that’s been making a difference in peoples lives for 16 years.
Cindy, ” we started the first walk in 2000, we had 50 walkers, in that year, we netted proceeds of $3,200.00.”
University Hospitals Annual Miracle Mile Walk now draws thousands and Cindy Rigdon has been apart of it from the beginning.
Cindy, ” I tell you what, I can’t stop talking about it, it’s a big part of my life and it’s the biggest event that I help with during the year.”
Cindy was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2000 and like many others who face this diagnosis, she was looking for help, support and resources.
Cindy, ” it was a very tough year for me, like most people going through something that is so scary; the uncertainty of life.”
The walk is a family event, where people we lost over the years are remembered and survivors are celebrated.
Cindy, ” people are going through the same thing as you, become some of your better friends.”
This walk funds mammograms for those who have no insurance, it keeps the mobile unit on the road, making it convenient for those who can’t leave work.
Cindy, “in 2015, had more than 15,000 walkers and netted more than $451,000. ”
In a big way this walk helps to raise awareness about the importance of early detection in women and men.
breast exams make a difference…..early detection saves lives.

The 2016 ‘Sweet 16″ walk is scheduled for October 15th, at Augusta Common. Registration starts at 8:30, the pre-walk warm-up starts at 9:15.
Form a team or join the newschannel six team. Go to Miracle Mile Walk -dot-org for more information.

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