What and where to donate “needed” items to Hurricane Matthew evacuees


AUGUSTA, Ga. – If you’d like to pitch in and donate to evacuees that are here in Augusta, you can.

But, officials don’t want donations dropped off at individual shelters.

If you are wanting to donate to evacuees at schools across Richmond County, you’re asked to take those items to the old fire station number 7.

That’s located on Central Avenue in Augusta.

Donations will be accepted until 8 pm each day.

Emergency management has a list of items needed at those shelter locations:

Adult Diapers (XXL)

Also check to see if these items are needed:

Feminine Hygiene Products
Disposable diapers
Premixed Baby Formula
Bottled Water

For additional information about volunteering or where you should donate, please call the Red Cross at 706-724-8481.

Just a reminder, the Red Cross is only over shelters at Trinity on the Hill, Henry Brigham Center and May Park in Augusta.

The shelters at the schools are being operated by the city of Augusta.

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