Commissioner says permanent EMA Director should be discussed after city’s response to sheltering evacuees

AUGUSTA,Ga (WJBF) At Richmond Academy the buses from  came shortly before one.

Patricia Bowen came to Augusta with her two cats and all three are going home after 72 hours in the shelter.

‘It was good they were wonderful couldn’t have been any better,” said Bowen from Garden City Georgia,

“All your needs were met food water?”

“Oh yes they were,” she said.

Augusta had a lot of needs twenty five hundred evacuees coming by bus many with just the clothes on their back a big challenge for the city to meet.

“I would have to give the city an A,” said Mayor Hardie Davis.

Mayor Davis says the city’s response to the evacuees was a good as it could be under the circumstances.

“I know there was some level of angst and frustration we’ve got 25 hundred people who are coming into our city we don’t know who we are we don’t know what they’re needs are from a medical standpoint again I think Augusta has responded in a phenomenal way,” said Mayor Davis.

Commissioner Sean Frantom was very involved in the effort and felt there were communication problems assisting the evacuees.

“It seems like were never proactive in this government very reactive so many things were going on people did a great job,” said Frantom.

“If we had to do it again there are some things we learned we’re going to be even better next time,” said Mayor Davis.

Frantom says to get better he wants to look at The job of permanent EMA director instead of having Fire Chief Chris James do both jobs.

For me I want to have that discussion it’s nothing against Chris James I think he did a great job I think everybody did a great job under the circumstances but I think we can do better,” said Frantom.

The city charter says the mayor names an EMA director.,  I asked mayor Davis about Commissioner Frantom  wanting to discus the position the mayor saying commissioner Frantom has the right to bring it up but says with the evacuee situation still winding down now   is not the time to discuss the EMA Director.

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