Golden Apple: Heather Graves

Heather Graves was training for this job long ago, and she probably didn’t even know it.

“I’ve always worked with kids at a young age–babysat, worked in the church, things like that. Teaching just seemed like a natural thing to go into having done that growing up,” she says.

She went from the hospital room to the classroom thanks to encouragement from a college roommate to pursue a different college degree.

“I started as a Nursing Major. I wanted to help in some way, so Nursing seemed the right thing to go into at the time.”

Now life is non-stop.

“Constant movement. Constant change. We move from thing to thing.”

That quick movement pays off quickly. Ms. Graves used to teach first graders and she knows how fast these bright young minds learn.

“I saw the growth from the beginning of first grade to the end of first grade so now I’m looking forward to see how that’s going to carry over to this year.”

Congratulations Heather Graves a teacher who gives so much and gets a ton in return.

“I learn along with them,” Graves says. “I am constantly learning new things. It’s just something that I can bring back to them and give to them. I want to instill that lifelong learning into their life.”

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