After school program keeping Savannah kids busy

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WJBF) – Several local organizations are working together to keep the kids busy while schools are still closed.

Volunteers have been meeting up at the Dream Campaign in Savannah. All of them are giving people food and helping out by cleaning up storm debris.

But it’s not just the adults lending a hand. The kids are helping out as well.

The Dream Campaign is offering free lunch everyday this week to those affected by the storm.

“We’ve been here for about 3 and half years. The whole goal of it is just to provide a safe place in the community.”

This week, Morgan Paddock and her husband are focusing a lot on the Hurricane Matthew recovery effort.

The neighborhood kids get to hang out, play some basketball and do arts and crafts. These young ones writing thank you notes to the crews fixing power lines and cleaning up the city.

“We’ve been offering a free place for people to charge their phones during the day because we all can’t stay far from our phones.”

“There’s nothing to really do because people’s power is still out. Miss Morgan let us come here and have fun. Give people lunch who can’t cook because their power isn’t on.”

The kids are also helping out the community in a big way.

They’re cleaning up debris in the roads, putting everything into yard waste bags.

“Yeah, I want to walk and see what’s happening with the tree down there in the street.”

The group is also moving the big trees that are still blocking off the roads.

“There’s so much debris blocking the roads and so we felt like, if we can help a little bit, there’s less to do, We can help. It’s just important to give back.”

“Feels good because if my house was damaged and I had stuff all over I would want someone to help me pick it up.”

Paddock says the biggest need in the community will continue to be food.

“Especially those people that evacuated and are now home and weren’t really prepared for the 72 hours or more with non-perishables. They’re coming back and having loss of resources.”

Many of these kids and their families have their own damage to deal with back home, but for now, the focus is on others.

“We are just trying to help out the community.”

The biggest need right now is for grocery store gift cards so families can replace the bad food in their fridges.

If you’d like to help out or donate, check out

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