High school athlete springs into action during national anthem

Marina Garcia

SAN ANTONIO, TX (CNN) – While some athletes across the country are sparking controversy by not standing during the national anthem, a high school volleyball player in Texas is making headlines for something else she did during “The Star-Spangled Banner”.

When the CD playing the anthem before her team’s match stopped working, Marina Garcia did what came naturally to her: She sang.

“I honestly couldn’t ask for more. They all had smiles on their faces,” Garcia told San Antonio CNN affilate KSAT-TV of her teammates’ reactions. “Some of them teared up. Some of them had told me that they had the chills and just that feeling that I can give to people that emotion, that was so exciting,” she said.

Garcia said she is aware of the national debate about players not standing for the anthem, but for her the choice is easy.

“I have family members that were in the military that fought for freedom and just to see other people that don’t understand that is kind of offending to me but I understand it’s their opinion,”

To read the full story, click here.

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