Aware of problems commissioners not ready to go all in on Riverwalk repairs

AUGUSTA,Ga (WJBF) Robyn Hooker has been coming to the Riverwalk most of her life, and she would like to see the park kept in better condition.

“The safety of it and the cleanliness in case their glass around for the kids things like that,” said Hooker.

We found this crew repairing one of the railings at the park, but some city leaders say a lot more work is needed.

“Is the current state of Riverwalk its condition acceptable?”

“As for my standard no I would expect it to look a little better that it would be,” said Commissioner Dennis Williams.

Commissioners know what Riverwalk looks like getting a firsthand look at the maintenance problems during a tour last summer.

After  touring Riverwalk last summer the recreation department did make a list of all the maintenance issues as well as the cost of getting them addressed the price tag about two hundred thousand dollars,

And that was just for what was seen as low handing fruit/

The price tag had sparks flying.

“Why do we need two hundred thousand dollars because like you said much of it is low hanging fruit, with that being said you would like that to be  on a normal say,” said Commissioner Ben Hasan.

With the high cost, the Public Services Committee recommended talking care of  the issues between 8th and 10h street.,

But Robyn Hooker was down on the sixth street section, I wanted to know if she though it was a good plan to fix just a part of the park.

“I don’t know that’s a decision for the city I guess but personally I think it would be a good investment,” said Hooker

An investment however the city isn’t ready to go all in on In Augusta George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel 6.

The two hundred thousand dollar estimate was just a part of the repair costs for Riverwalk, one estimate to pressure wash and paint all the park railings came in at 190 thousand dollars.

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