Commission looks at smaller Riverwalk work, as long range plans call for more than 1 million in projects

AUGUSTA,Ga (WJBF) Kelly Tabb and her son Hampton arrived at Riverwalk through Sixth Street where   noticed the bricks railing and historic signs, needed of some work.

“It’s not in the best shape I think that it’s adequate but maybe not nice,” said Tabb.

Commissioners are scheduled to vote next week on doing repairs on Riverwalk, the cost more than 330 thousand dollars that has city leaders wanting to focus the efforts only between 8th and tenth streets.

“We don’t have the funding to do it all and I think you start somewhere and you gradually grow to get it all done and I think 8th to tenth are where most of our visitors are,” says Commissioner Sean Frantom.

“Neglecting a part of the park?

“Well not necessarily neglecting it’s just simply choosing a most reasonable part to start,” said Commissioner Dennis Williams.

But is that reasonable for people who use the Sixth Street side, like many today.

“This is the side we’re typically on we don’t go to that side particularly often because they like the playground,” said Tabb.

And while city leaders are looking at taking some steps to make Riverwalk a little bit better there are longer range plans to make it the best it can be and those plans are very costly.

The Riverwalk plans call for a walking trail and amphitheater improvements that would bring the total cost of the Riverwalk make over to one point three million dollars.

But for Riverwalk that’s appears to be a someday plan.

“I think there are a lot of issues down at that amphitheater I don’t think we’re ready to go there yet,” said Frantom.

“I’m not keen on spending that amount of money but we have to look at the end result the end result will be a better looking community,” said Williams.

Commissioners are schedule to vote Tuesday on the 8th to 10th Riverwalk fixed up with Frantom saying he wants to see it less  200 thousand dollars and says he and would prefer something in the neighborhood of 75 thousand to 100 thousand dollars.

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