Golden Apple: Bonny Baxley

Bonny Baxley loves to teach because she’s always loved to read. She says her Dad got her started when she was 3 or 4 years old.

“He read to me and as I got a little older, every time I asked him how to spell a word, he’d say ‘go get the dictionary Bonny.’ He never told me how to spell a word. He would always make me go find out myself.”

And after 30 years, Mrs. Baxley says children really haven’t changed, but they way they learn sure has.

“They need manipulatives more,” she says. “All of our ipads and iphones and all of the things they have available to them, we need to step up and use that in our teaching. Lots of new tools have come to us.”

Baxley also makes sure the children have a faithful start to each day.

“I teach Bible every morning. I get to teach Sunday School every single morning to these children. It’s probably my favorite subject. They love God’s word. They love learning how to live for Him.”

And when she’s not teaching, she’s sharing and bonding with her colleagues.

“Augusta Christian is like another church family to me. That’s how I would describe this school. The teachers are in devotions every morning. We’re close because we share prayer requests about our own families or student issues we have. We bathe that in prayer and we see God answer lots of prayer here.”

Mrs. Baxley gives a ton of credit for her career to her family. They’ve given a lot so her students can continue to get a lot from her.

“They have lifted me up over the years,” Baxley says. “My own children used to get tired of having to cut out bulletin board stuff, and getting to school early, and not getting to leave when other children left school. They’ve just been there to support me. My husband supports me.  He’s carried thousands of trips he’s carried from the attic to my car, of things I bring here to decorate each month. They support me and they know I love it.”

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