Media images and your child’s mental health: advice from a psychiatrist – Part 2

The Means Report: Media Images And Your Child's Mental Health
The Means Report: Media Images And Your Child’s Mental Health

Augusta, GA — Sometimes it seems impossible to turn on the television and avoid negative images. From the evening news to movies and video games, adults and children alike are bombarded with violence. While sometimes it is hard for even adults to comprehend what is happening in or world, it can be even harder for a child. That is why we asked Dr. Dale Peeples — a child and adolescent psychiatrist from the Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University — to join us to continue our conversation from last week.

It is not just violence that has an impact on our children. Advertisements, magazines, Hollywood, music, even this presidential election also have an influence. Children and teens take cues from those channels to find what is acceptable when it comes to beauty, actions, and habits.

Dr. Peeples explains how all of these images and media effect kids today; he also imparts words of wisdom for how to talk to your kids, even when to start talking to your kids. Communication — including how you communicate — plays a big role in how children and teens respond.


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