Road work will bring jobs at Augusta Corporate Park

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WJBF Logo graphic

AUGUSTA.Ga  (WJBF) Augusta is on “the road” to a new business and more jobs.City officials on hand for the groundbreaking of a new road at the Augusta Corporate Park.

The road will open up the 17 hundred acre park  for new industry, including Edencrete, a specialty concrete manufacturer, building a 65 million dollar plant, employing about 250 people.

“So we will see not only road construction going on but Edencrete’s construction going on simultaneously and we still have a few projects looking right now but the best thing now is we can be able to say remember that road we always said will be there you always say let me know when it’s going to be built now we can say the bulldozers are running,” said Walter Sprouse the Executive Director of the Augusta Development Authority.

The cost of the new road is about two and a half million dollars Sales tax money for Development Authority will cover the cost.

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