Hurricane matthew rips through allendale community causing power outages

Allendale, SC (WJBF)- Susan cox is not a stranger when it comes to preparing for disasters such as Hurricane Matthew. The day before the storm hit off the coast of South Carolina Cox and her family packed their bags to evacuate from Charleston South carolina to their second home in Allendale County.

“We were in Charleston at the time of Hurricane Hugo and that was just something you’ll never forget. We had no problems getting here there was no traffic weather was fine we arrived got everything secured and had a nice meal.” Cox said.

Shortly after Cox and her family arrived she described sitting in her living room, looking out of the window, when a tree comes down in her front yard striking a power line and causing her to lose power.

“I did not expect this to happen I hoped that this would be the safe place to come. I expected rain and winds but not severe tree damage as big as that.” she added.

Residential homes weren’t the only places with down trees. Department of Energy crews and even travelers stopped along the road trying to remove trees that had fallen in the road.

Scott Seigler, the transportation manager for the Savannah River Site says they started receiving calls from residents around 3am about downed trees and power lines.

“We’ve moved probably an access of 50 trees from our roadways on site as well as the main roads along highway 125.” Seigler said.

He says what caused the trees to be uprooted from the ground was due to the saturation of soil and high winds. He also cautioned drivers to remain indoors as it was dangerous to travel.

Susan says although the outcome isn’t what she hoped for she’s trying to find a reason to smile through the storm.

“We didn’t have power in charleston during hugo for 21 days so we hope to have power here maybe in a few days but it was catastrophic.” Cox concluded.

Over 2,000 residents were without power following the storm. Several crews worked overtime to restore power and clean up damage in the area.

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