Commissioner wants to reduce “lame duck” period

Augusta, Georgia Seal graphic
Augusta, Georgia Seal graphic

AUGUSTA,Ga (WJBF) Andrew Jefferson will not be the fifth district commissioners for nearly another three months even though he was elected to the office five months ago in May.

“You work very hard then all off a sudden the day after the election it’s a complete standstill so that’s a little frustrating it’s frustrating to the constituents because some of them don’t understand,” said Jefferson.

Augusta Commissioner Bill Lockett continues to serve waiting for Jefferson to replace him in January,

“I’ve seen Bill Lockett over these past months get disrespected  actually called a lame duck I don’t think that’s fair,” said Commissioner Wayne Guilfoyle.

And Guilfoyle would like to see the new Commissioners seated July First and worries about having several commissioners not elected and spending months as lame ducks,

“What does somebody have to lose at that point and that’s what you have to be concerned about,” said Guilfoyle.

There’s enough concern with the lame duck period hast it was brought up during the meeting between Augusta city leaders and the Legislative Delegation, with lawmakers sympathetic,

“Six months is a long time to sit and wait after you’ve been elected but we would respond if commissioners will like for this to happen,” said Delegation Chairman, State Representative Wayne Howard.

Lawmakers say they want a resolution from the commission asking for a reduction in the lame duck period,

“If it needs to be done you have to support what’s right for the community,” said Commissioner Marion Williams.

That means your replacement you would have to leave a few months earlier.”

“Well yeah if it comes to that if it comes up being done this year of if it comes up being done in the next term it’s got to be done,” answered Williams.

Mayor Davis who went through the same lame duck period two years ago calls the situation problematic,  and says he’s open to talking about reducing the time, but wonders about changing the terms of those already elected to office.

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