Trump, Clinton neck-and-neck in Georgia polls

COLUMBIA COUNTY, Ga. (WJBF-TV) – There are 17 days until Election Day.

Early voting is underway and according to several national polls, the race is tightening in the Peach State.

The last time a Democratic presidential nominee won in the state of Georgia was in 1992 when Bill Clinton beat George Bush by less than 1%.

Right now, early voters are facing long lines in Columbia County.

Election officials say there have been record-breaking numbers so far.

It’s obvious that the issues this country is facing are very important to voters.

“Immigration. The national debt. Somebody is going to end up paying for it,” Ike James said.

A recent Atlanta Journal-Constitution poll shows Donald Trump ahead in Georgia with 44% of the votes. Hillary Clinton has 42% and Gary Johnson has 9%.

“I’m tired of the same old junk. I just want something different. Neither one of them are all that good, but I know what I’m going to get with the other,” James said.

But a Washington Post / SurveyMonkey poll has Clinton ahead in Georgia. She has 45%, Trump has 41% and Johnston has 9%.

“Trump, I don’t know how he’s still in the race,” Yvonne Walker said.

“I feel like the media right now is a little skewed with it,” Kayla Moore said.

Some Republicans are no longer backing Trump because of the sexual assault allegations against him, however, in Columbia County, that doesn’t seem to be the case.

“I think if they were all true, they would have come out a lot sooner. I find it strange that they’ve come out here at the midnight hour,” Pat Goodwin said.

“They’ve all done something. We’ve all done something. How much of it is true, I don’t know,” James said.

NewsChannel 6 polled 52 Columbia County voters as they exited the building Friday.

79% voted for Trump and 21% voted for Clinton.

Out of all 52 voters, 40% were men who voted for Trump, 38% were women for him.

Clinton had 12% men and 10% women.

“I think that at times he does need to keep his mouth shut, but I think he’s a great business man and that’s what America needs,” Moore said.

“She’s intelligent. She’s rational. She’s calm and I trust her to lead our nation,” Alexandra Bosarge said.

“I guess it matter more to me about all the lying, cheating and stealing that had been going on on the other side,” Dave Luckey said.

Most of the people we tried to question did not want to tell us who they voted for, despite us telling them they could remain anonymous.

Nearly all African-Americans and Hispanics told us they voted for Clinton.

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