“Out There…Somewhere”: Vintage military vehicle collectors join forces

UNION POINT, Ga. (WJBF) – It’s an invasion, an invasion of military vehicle collectors.

“Sort of niche portion of the antique car hobby some people restore 57 Chevrolet some people have antique jeeps,” said Clint Copeland, the event organizer.

And here in Greene County, it is the largest rally of military vehicle collectors in the southeast, showing off their pride and joys like this World War II era jeep.

“Just love the stuff I always wanted one got the fever now I just keep buying them,” said Nick Stergius of Savannah.

And when it comes to these collectors these vehicles is a part of who they are.

“I have literally driven literally everything you see out here at one time or another I’ve probably driven it,” said Richard Evans of Gadsden Alabama.

And they’re still being driven, that’s Jason Green behind the wheel of what the heck is that.

“It’s a 1969 Cadillac V- 100 commando which is basically an armored car the military police used in Vietnam,” Said Green.

And drive it to the store you will be noticed, but you can drive it.

“It’s street legal I’ve actually been pulled over by cops 13 times and only once have they asked for my drives license most of the time they just want to take a look at it,” said Green.

For these what is the ultimate find. the Holy Grail actually securing a vehicle that was assigned to you while you were in the service that’s a biggie.

“That is bragging rights to the maximum my story isn’t as cool as some of those,” said Evans

But it’s cool these collectors keep these vehicles alive long after Uncle Sam gave them their discharge papers,

“A big part of the hobby is thankful for that service that the arm services provide I certainly think that’s a big part of it,” said Copeland.

They may be retired military but their still ready to roll. Out there somewhere in Greene County George Eskola.


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