Activist to file formal complaint against Augusta Planning Director

Augusta, Georgia Seal graphic
Augusta, Georgia Seal graphic

AUGUSTA,Ga (WJBF) Mercy Ministries finally had its day in court after its boarding house was condemned and cited for numerous fires and building codes violations but those who have opposed the shelter for years in Harrisburg did not know about the hearing.

“Purposely I think they didn’t want us there honestly that’s what I think deep down because we have been very upset about this I think they’re embarrassed they didn’t do their job,” said Activist Lori Davis.

Davis says the Planning Department promised to notify her of the time and date of Mercy Ministries appearance in Magistrate Court, but last week, that didn’t happen and Davis says she will file a formal complaint against Director Melanie Wilson.

They don’t want activists to be involved with anything that goes on with their screw ups basically.

Wilson is surprised by the complaint saying it’s her office that’s hauling Mercy Ministries into court for the violations.

“I’m the person who has moved forward in trying to do something with helping make Mercy Ministries come into compliance that hasn’t been done it would be nice to get some credit with at least moving forward,” said Wilson.

Wilson says it wasn’t her office that rescheduled the   court date and she only learned about it the day before and she had no legal responsibility to notify, Davis.

“I think it’s an unfair accusation that she made because someone did not contact her about a court date if she was that concerned about it she has the right to contract the courts,” said Wilson.

“She can say that but she promised us that we would be told she has a person working for her who was supposed to inform me and did not,” said Davis.

Davis is scheduling a meeting with Janice Jackson to take her complaint against the Wilson personally to the City Administrator

Davis admits however she probably will not get anywhere with her complaint but says it is her right.

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