Wadley first-responder says experience and faith helped save infant’s life


Wrens, GA. – It’s something first-responders prepare for but pray they never have to use.

For Wadley Fire Rescue’s Bubba McGraw, his CPR skills saved the life of a baby he says was lifeless when he took her in his arms.

It all started on September 29, when Dominique Bowman was getting her twins, Payslei and Payten, ready to go to the doctor after Payslei was up all night coughing.

“I just knew that something wasn’t right with my child. So, I got my oldest daughter on the bus and my mother said I need to take her to Augusta,” said Bowman.

Then, came Bowman’s worst fear as a mother.

“She was cold, pale. She was blue around her lips and her eyes and I touched her…no heartbeat,” said Bowman.

Panic set in and she called 911, while doing CPR on Payslei’s lifeless body.

Luckily, she was able to get in touch with her family member who ran to the nearby doctor’s office.

There, stood McGraw who stepped in to help.

“I was doing everything I could for her but I could not get a response. Once he came, I just prayed to God and I was like, ‘God take Control’,” said Bowman.

“The baby was gone, there ain’t no doubt about it. I started CPR. That’s the point where the good Lord laid his hand on this baby,” said McGraw.

And McGraw put his 15 years of first-responder experience to use.

“I just cupped my hand over her mouth and gave her a breath and when I did, she went to coughing. And I felt her little heart. I haven’t felt a little heart beat that hard,” said McGraw.

The ambulance came and took Payslei away to be treated. Now, McGaw is able to rock her in his arms.

But you won’t hear him say it’s because of him.

“My hands and my breath are the good Lord’s reason she’s here and I don’t want no credit for it because I was a body at use,” said McGraw.

Bowman begs to differ.

“He’ll always be in our life. He’ll always be in Payslei’s life. When she gets older, I’m going to let her know that he’s the reason why she’s here,” said Bowman.

McGraw is now called, “Uncle Bubba.”

He’s part of the Bowman family.

It turns out, Payslei had Whooping Cough along with Pneumonia.

Bowman says Payslei is doing well, right beside her twin sister, Payton.

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