Golden Apple: Kristi Palma

Today they’re 4th graders. In the future they could be world famous illustrators. And it’s all starting with a history lesson for Kristi Palma’s class.

“We are beginning our settlement study, how the Europeans settled in North America,” Palma says.  “These guys are actually making thumbprint comic strips with their thumbs with markers.”

Ms. Palma is a big fan of hands-on learning. It’s part of her daily lesson plan at W.E. Parker Elementary in Edgefield County.

“They’re not going to really learn it or transfer it unless they’re actively engaged.  So they’re working together. They have a rubric that they follow. They get to evaluate their own learning, what they’ve done and what they need to do next.”

You don’t have to spend much time in her classroom to notice Ms. Palma takes time for each child to make sure every student is getting it.

“I believe that each child has seeds of greatness in them, capabilities that they don’t even realize. It’s my job for the time that I have them to do everything that I can to bring that out and see that it develops and blossoms.”

Kristi Palma says this is more than a job. She says it’s a calling that’s been pulling at her since she was a little girl.

“Anytime I see a child working to try to expand their thinking and to be all that he or she can be, that just makes all the difference,” she says. “They do have what it takes and all it takes is a little work, and the possibilities are endless.”

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