Augusta budget proposal would increase garbage fees 5 percent

Augusta, Georgia Seal graphic
Augusta, Georgia Seal graphic

AUGUSTA,Ga (WJBF) Trash service now costs 310. 50 cents a year and many customers feel that’s too high.

“What about an increase, we asked a man after early voting?”

“No increase,” he said.

But the proposed 2017 city budget is calling for hike in the garbage fee that would increase the fee by 15 and half dollars a year, to $326 dollars a year.

“We’re looking at a five percent increase but you’ve got to remember we’ve held costs consistent since 2012,” said Landfill Director Mark Johnson.

Some commissioners were quick to trash the idea.

“I do not support raising the garbage fees I think we’re paying more now for less service pick up one a week,” said Commissioner Marion Williams.

The landfill does more that pick up trash; it’s also providing 400 thousand dollars for the demolition program to get rid blighted buildings.

“If we’re going to have him doing it we’re going to have to pay for it nothing in life is free and we’re going to have to expect to do that,” said Commissioner Bill Lockett.

But some city leaders say not through an increase in the garbage fee.

“We’ve got to make those decisions do we take away the funding for the program like the abandoned houses or look at having to raise the fees for trash which we don’t want to do,” said Commissioner Mary Davis.

The trash rate proposal is more than twice what most of Augusta is paying for the new storm water fee.

“Well that’s certainly not what I’m proposing I don’t think the commission is proposing doing that at all,” said Mayor Hardie Davis.

Administrators are trying to balance next year’s budget even if some want to throw out the proposal to raise garbage rates to do it.

In Augusta George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel 6

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