Free AU health clinic helps women farmers live healthier lives

Women farmers got a one-on-one talk with nursing staff and students at free clinic.

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Nearly 100 South Carolina farmers took a bus to Augusta University where Nursing staff and students spoke their language.  The free clinic put on by Augusta University College of Nursing bused the women to the interdisciplinary clinic at the Health Sciences building from Trenton, S.C.

Nurse Practitioner student Mary Kate McAdams helped organize aspects of the 9th Annual Clinic.

“What we’re mostly seeing are a bunch of women who just don’t have very good access to health care,” she said during an interview at the clinic.

After they got off the bus, they waited in line to receive a packet.

Then it was tailored healthcare just for them in Spanish.

NewsChannel 6 spoke with Juana Col through translator Yolanda Flores about why she wanted to be treated.

“She’s hoping to have a breast exam, a vaginal exam because she’s concerned about the possibility of having cancer in any of those parts,” Flores relayed.

Col came from Guatemala and is now concerned about illness.

So she went from room to room in the Augusta University clinic, even getting her flu shot provided by the health department. Nearly 100 women from Costa Layman Nurseries received blood pressure and nutrition checks, like diabetes testing. There was also dental screenings with how-to cleaning examples and one-on-one counseling all without paying a dime.

“It’s very good that the services are for free because in addition to being a low resource person she doesn’t even have the money to pay,” Flores said on behalf of Col.

Pam Cromer is an Associate Professor of Nursing. She said the clinic helps both students and patients.

“It’s a good learning environment for our students, but it also affords these women and opportunity to get healthcare otherwise they would not receive.”

McAdams added, “Not having access to healthcare, I know it increases rates of STDs or unplanned pregnancies. It also increases the general overall health issues of people.”

Afterwards, the women had a healthy snack and enjoyed free clothing and shoes donated by students.

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