“Out There…Somewhere”: Halloween costume decisions

North Augusta, S.C. (WJBF) – The Halloween costume this time of year decisions don’t come bigger or more difficult.

“Scary, something fun,” we asked two women looking at costumes?

“Ironic always ironic,” one of them answered.

At Halloween Express the joint was jumping, as these more mature trick or treaters tried to nail down the perfect costume.

“I’m actually looking for a cape because I’m going to be dressed as a Phantom of the Opera,” said Grady Stokes of Grovetown.

“You came into the store what were you looking for”

“Pirates,” answered Tina Foller of North Augusta.

“I got Deadpool,” said Shane McDaniel’

“He’s a superhero.”

“Oh yeah,” he said.

“Show us your costume what did you get?

“I got the IT,” said Phillip Evans of Sandersville, GA.

“It’s a clown.”

“A clown, Evans confirmed.“You’re going as pirates give me your best pirate

ARR, said Tina with a. laugh.

“You’re a brave guy going as a clown?”

“Oh yeah, said Evans

“You’re going to scare the heck out of people.”

“I got a good clown laugh,” he said.

This is a Halloween phenomenon that happens every four years  the masks of the presidential candidates this year the battle neck and neck.

“I think we have one or two Hillary’s left but no more Trumps,” said Joyce Hyer at Halloween Express.

“Trump is beating Hillary?”

“In our mask sales yes,” she said

“It’s not rigged is it ?”

It could be we’ll have to see, said Hyer.

Superheroes to Star Wars Halloween costumes are a force to reckon with.

The fun is downright frightening out there   in North Augusta George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel 6.

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