958 Richmond County voters participate in Sunday voting

This is the second year the county has offered Sunday voting.

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)- Nearly a thousand people turned out for early voting today in Richmond County. This is the second year the county has offered Sunday voting.

It’s been a contentious election year, but you wouldn’t know it from the laid-back attitudes of Richmond County voters Sunday.

“It’s just a beautiful day. Good day, less crowds,” said local voter Donna Wells.

Many people are incorporating voting as part of their Sunday church routine.

“On a Sunday, everybody’s there in the church,” said Rev. Beotis Clark of Jerusalem Missionary Baptist Church. “And those that had issues with transportation or even had questions on the different policies that we’ll be voting on, we were able to answer those.”

Clarks says about a third of his congregation caravanned to the polls Sunday.

“Those who didn’t have transportation, they would ride with one of the church members or even myself or my wife,” he said.

Several other churches transported their members in vans. In all, 958 voters came out Sunday.

“People have died and fought for this right,” Wells said. “And we should continue on.”

Voters say they want to help determine the country’s future.

“Because there’s so many policy changes that we see the candidates that are making,” Clark said. ” And we have to make a good decision, sound decision on who we’re going to vote for because it’s going to carry on, for the next four, maybe eight years. And it can affect our everyday lives.”

Some polls show both major party’s candidate to be unpopular. An ABC News/Washington Post poll in August found that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are the two most disliked presidentiial candidates in their 30 years of polling. But voters say that race is not the only one that matters.

“We’re not electing just a president,” Wells said. “We’re electing our supreme court. We’re electing people on our local level.”

Voting resumes Monday  morning from 8:30 until 6:00 at all four Richmond County locations – the Beazley Room at the Municipal Building, the Warren Road Recreation Center, the Henry Brigham Community Center, and the Diamond Lakes Regional Park.

Registered voters in the Peach State can cast their ballots in person and by mail until Friday, November 4th. You can find a sample ballot for your district here.

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