Early voting high amid Clinton email controversy

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – If you thought you’d beat the Election Day lines by casting your ballot early this past weekend, you may have been surprised to find a longer-than-expected line.

This is all in the midst of what NewsChannel 6 Political Science expert Craig Albert calls the October surprise.  Many people probably thought it was 90 degree weather this time of year, but in the political world it means there’s a shake up so good it could completely change the outcome at the polls for one candidate.

“It’s almost unheard of for a federal investigation to be announced right before a presidential election,” Albert told us.

He’s talking about the bombshell the Federal Bureau of Investigations dropped on the campaign with one week left before Election Day.

“Some say that’s illegal for that to occur that close to an election,” he explained.

Could FBI Director James Comey’s probe into Hillary Clinton’s emails mean a Donald Trump victory?  Albert thinks so.

He said, “Something like this email scandal might be that event that propels people to go out to the polls for Donald Trump.”

He added,”20 percent of Republicans who say they’re not going to vote for Trump could be changing.”
Only time will tell who wins, but Richmond County voters aren’t wasting any time. A viewer took to Snapchat after capturing an extended wait at the Diamond Lakes Advanced Voting Site.

Board of Elections logged a record 1225 votes there Saturday and the location didn’t exist during the 2012 election.
Trump told supports a few days ago, “Get your friends, your family, your co-workers out to vote.”

Craig said it’s all strategy.

“We’re switching strategies from convincing people to vote for them to you have to get out the people who have already decided to actually vote,” he explained.

As Trump narrows his gap in ABC polls, Albert is confident Georgia remains a red state.

While early voting numbers look good, he thinks some voters will leave it to November 8th.

“The Democrats have had a much more successful get out the vote campaign than have Republicans. You combine that with the 1 in 5 registered Republicans who say they’re not coming to vote this time, it looks like Clinton could pull away if that holds. The problem is you don’t know if it’s going to hold and people change their minds often on day of the Election,” he told us.

Albert added both the Green and Libertarian parties’ candidates are pretty static with less than five percent each.  He said the one write-in candidate, Evan McMullin, is pulling drastically from Donald Trump’s supporters and he’s on track to win his own state, Utah.  That’s something that hasn’t been done since Ross Perot.

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