Trick-or-treating info for parents & kids

(Heather Pelat/Media General)

(WJBF/WFLA) – NewsChannel 6 is offering safety tips for kids, parents and motorist to ensure that Halloween is safe and enjoyable for all.

There are no ‘official times’ for trick-or-treating in the CSRA unless otherwise noted by your neighbors.

Tips for Kids

  • Go only to homes with lights on or Halloween decorations displayed.
  • Do not eat any treats until they have been checked by an adult.
  • Watch for cars when crossing the street. Cross with all lights and in the crosswalks. Stop at all driveways and intersections before walking across.
  • Tell a parent or adult about anything that makes you uncomfortable or scared.

Tips for Parents

  • Make sure your child’s costume allows freedom of movement and good visibility.
  • Use reflector strips in your child’s costume or glow sticks to better see them in the dark.
    Carry a flash light.
  • Carry a cell phone to alert law enforcement if someone in your group gets separated.
  • If possible, have children trick or treat before dark.
  • Go in groups and make sure at least one adult is present. Go to every door with your child.
  • Before children eat any treats, check them. The safest rule is to throw out anything that is not store wrapped and in good condition.
  • Cut fruit into pieces before eating to make sure it has not been tampered with.
  • Sponsor a party in place of trick or treating.

The Augusta Fire Department is offering kids a safe place to stop by for treats, too.

Fire Station #6 (2618 Richmond Hill Road) and Fire Station #8 (1898 Highland Avenue) are the locations. It runs from 5:30 p.m. to 8 p.m.

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