11.1 Segment 2 Checklist for legal issues for surviving spouses

JENNIE Show Episode 12

Attorney Brandon Elijah discusses top three legal issues for widows/widowers.

Television Park– The death of a spouse is one of the most devastating events of a person’s life.

To make matters worse, at a time when you feel incapable of dealing with life’s routines, you’re slammed with an avalanche of financial tasks that require immediate attention. This can be particularly stressful if the surviving spouse did not play an active role in the household finances. This is the wrong time to make major financial decisions because if you act in haste, you may make costly mistakes

Brandon Elijah is a partner in the law firm Burroughs-Elijah. He shares his three top concerns for surviving spouses.  elijah-law

As the shock and emotions settle in, remember that there’s not too much you need to do immediately.  There are the “musts” :

•    Locate – but not necessarily go through – key documents: your marriage license, birth certificates for yourself and minor children, a will, bank records, insurance policies, and military records
•    Notify friends and family
•    Stack and store incoming mail – but don’t go through it
•    Make funeral arrangements
•    Call insurance company (or Medicare) to find out about coverage for you and your minor children
•    If there is a will, within ten days of the death, file in the County Court where the deceased lived

CLICK HERE for a checklist for surviving spouses.

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