CSRA yet to ‘hop on’ Golfboard invention

Augusta, Ga. (Forest Hills Golf Club) — Golf has long-held a perception of being a traditional sport. Young PGA pros like Rickie Fowler and Rory McIlroy have slightly shifted that stigma by making statements with bold outfits and flashy gear, but now, there’s also a new way to play the game of golf.

Golfboard was invented a couple years ago with the idea of being a fun, interactive way to ride around on the golf course, while also speeding up the pace of rounds. It’s website claims an average round takes just over two and a half hours, opposed to more traditional rounds closer to four hours.

The innovative approach to playing golf is already available at courses in 43 U.S. states, but it hasn’t taken off as much locally. Just three courses have Golfboards available in Georgia and none have hopped on board yet in the CSRA.

“I think in Georgia, in particular, the tradition has been that a vehicle like this is not acceptable on the course,” Central Georgia Golfboard spokesperson Bill Jeffrey said. “In fact, I know, back in the beginning a lot of people were talking about golf carts not [being] acceptable, only walking was. The Golfboard is not going to threaten the game of golf. It’s just simply another addition to the game of golf that should be considered. Just like we know of Top Golf. It’s another example of people innovating in the sport.”

Jeffrey is hoping local courses will notice the benefits of Golfboard — like speeding up pace of play, promoting additional fitness and simply having more fun during a round — and jump on one of the newer trends in golf.


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