Starbucks releases new green cup, draws heavy criticism

Starbucks cup photographed on October 26, 2016. (Joshua Trujillo/Starbucks)

(WFLA/WJBF) — The frenzy around the Starbucks holiday cups is bigger than ever.

After the disappointment surrounding last year’s plain red cup for the holidays, customers we’re eager to see what kind of cup Starbucks would present this year.

However, customers were left startled Tuesday morning when they were handed green cups instead of the iconic red ones.

“During a divisive time in our country, Starbucks wanted to create a symbol of unity as a reminder of our shared values, and the need to be good to each other,” said Howard Schultz, the coffee giant’s chairman and CEO.

Users on Twitter have threatened to boycott the company in response to the cup. They’ve accused Starbucks of “political brainwashing” and “spreading liberal bias”.

Others were upset that the company’s cup did not carry a stronger holiday message and accused the company of attacking Christian values.

The company has since stated that these are not the coveted holiday cups. A Starbucks spokesperson said these green cups are for a special promotion. Meanwhile, the annual “holiday plans are still under wraps.”

After repeated attempts to confirm the design of the upcoming red holiday cup, Starbucks declined to comment. However, some stealthy people have released photos of boxes piled up that say, “No Peeking until November 10.” These boxes believed to be holding the beloved holiday design cups.

One Reddit user, DasUberSquid, shared a photo of the supposed cup in the piled boxes, saying, “I peeked.” Users went wild.

Starbucks said the green cup, designed by artist Shogo Ota, is meant to be a symbol of unity representing humanity and connection.

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