Creditors file petition for bankruptcy against Scuttle’s Island company

NORTH AUGUSTA, S.C. (WJBF) – The Scuttle’s Island Water Park website hasn’t been updated in months.

It still says coming in 2016.

The water park’s Facebook Page hasn’t changed since September 2015.

It mentions the park will open Spring 2016.

It’s Fall 2016 and the proposed site of Scuttle’s Island is still empty.

There are no water slides or lazy rivers.

The land, located off Highway 25 in North Augusta, is currently owned by an Irish Traveler who lives in Murphy Village.

Even though investors have been forthcoming with details about the $21 million project in the past, they haven’t released new information in a long time.

NewsChannel 6 obtained documents from the United States Bankruptcy Court that show Cedar Rock Holdings, the company behind Scuttle’s Island, is being asked to file bankruptcy.

The company’s creditors filed an involuntary petition for bankruptcy last week saying they’re owed nearly $554,000.

Local attorneys say this sort of filing is rare because the person or company in debt is usually the one requesting bankruptcy, not the creditors.

No word on what this means for the development, but North Augusta officials say they haven’t received any plans from Cedar Rock since the project was first announced.

We’ve emailed and texted the general manager of Scuttle’s Island, but a lot of those messages bounced back to us.

We also reached out to the former spokesperson of the project, who tells us he can’t comment on the matter.

We’re waiting to hear back from the attorney who is representing the creditors in this case.

Count on NewsChannel 6 to keep you updated on the status of the water park.

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